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Tradition rich Mac, Clinton eye showdown
It's trench warfare
For LHS, it's Jekyll-Hyde
Added bulk will aid Williams' cause
Livingston sees victory over Eagles for LHS crew

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Cameron University's Criminal Justice Association to observe Human Trafficking Awareness Month with community presentation
High school seniors encouraged to apply for Cameron University's prestigious PLUS scholarship program by February 1
Artwork by Cameron University's Katherine Liontas-Warren on display in ArtNow: Exhibition 2018
Cameron University Department of English and Foreign languages to present research findings with “In These Rooms: Narcotics Anonymous and the Discourse of the American Self-Help Movement”
Cameron University Festival X Reading Series continues with poet Ken Hada

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News Minute: Here is the latest Oklahoma news from The Associated Press at 9:40 p.m. CST
Governor amends special session call to include tax hikes
Feds approve tribe's plan for casino in Oklahoma Panhandle
US attorney in Oklahoma City stepping down for federal post
Oklahoma mayor arrested on embezzlement, kickback charges

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Government Shutdown: What's closed, who is affected?
Chocolate Soiree helps school fund raise
Vegas gunman studied SWAT tactics, music site before attack
MSU & WF non-profit offer affordable piano lessons
Police: WF robbery suspect possibly linked to Denison robbery

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